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Last Time Visited. Time Spent -- Please Select -- 1 hour 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours 5 hours Overnight. I tell her I am a waiter. I hide the money, only give her what she needs to pay the bills. Sometimes, you have a lot of money, and she sees you with sneakers, maybe, but if she suspects she does not say anything. Like in the beginning. He said tomorrow he would just make it all back again. This is why you need to find a rich gringo, like me. Cavi rolled his eyes. Adilson is uncharacteristically quiet for a moment.

He seems to be pondering this, possibly having a moment of doubt about his own gringo. Is it just the size of their dicks or how many programas [sessions with a client] they can do? Adilson is happy to change the subject. Yours is normal, right? Adilson continues his lecture: But customers in the sauna want affection, and he is very good at that.

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The boy should have the postura [manner] of an homem, and we do have gayzinhos [little gays] now who work as boys sometimes, but like it or not, when a gay boy takes a step, he looks like a model on a catwalk. Clients want a manly guy, but many need a lot of carinho [affection], too.

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But then there are some [clients] who call for a lot of pegada [swagger, a forceful and macho approach]. And they are like women, they go crazy for pegada,. Questions of desire loom large: How can it be maintained? Can you trick yourself into feeling it? How do they make sense of their own sexuality?

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The passage also demonstrates how much performance is happening here: These are good examples of culturally specific affects, and this chapter is devoted to understanding what these affects are as well as how affect and labor shape the performance of masculinity among garotos both historically and in the present day. Moreover, affective labor and performative labor clearly overlap inasmuch as performances of masculinity are part of the process of stirring up affect and both are important for garotos, but there are moments where the analytic of the performative is better for ethnographers who want to address particular relational questions of identity.

I describe the work of prostitutes as performative because their success or failure depends on constructing certain styles of gender that are often rooted in neocolonial variations of archetypes such as the lusty mulata, the Latin macho, the hypersexual masculine black buck and the dangerous thug from the favela, or slum, its contemporary corollary , the suave Latin lover, and so on. When I first began doing ethnographic work in saunas, the particular shape of masculinity there surprised me precisely because it was so over-the-top that it came close to parody and therefore always seemed to call its own authenticity into question.

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The men were so muscular, so quick to assert their heterosexuality and status as dominant tops, and so deliberately and stereotypically butch in their gestures and walk that it reminded me of drag king shows. Researchers and clients alike have often remarked that masculinity is to the garoto what femininity is to travesti sex workers.

For example, Pacu was a twenty-six-year-old light-skinned garoto who worked in a sauna in Rio. Pacu, whose telltale nickname refers to a species of fish that has a peculiar underbite and is related to the piranha, had such bulging neck and shoulder muscles that he seemed to have difficulty turning his head from side to side.

He kept his torso waxed to make sure every rippling abdominal muscle was visible from a maximum distance, but because of the thick, coarse hair on his arms and legs, he seemed to have been naturally hairy otherwise. He kept his hair perfectly coifed and liberally gelled, ran to the locker room to pluck any stray chest hair that he discovered he had missed, and enjoyed frequent pedicures to stave off damage from the famously grimy and broken cobblestoned streets of Rio that are so at odds with the Brazilian love of flip-flops.

Beyond merely being metrosexual or attentive to grooming practices, Pacu tried to embody masculinity, yet his need to conspicuously showcase that masculinity resulted in practices that were not stereotypically masculine. Still, Pacu never wanted for clients, who found in him a macho and avowedly straight guy with rough and not even conventionally attractive features….

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This excerpt is reproduced with permission from Tourist Attractions: All rights reserved. Sauna Meio Mundo in downtown Rio, courtesy of Dr. Gregory Mitchell Brazil has topped the list of top global destinations for gay tourists for almost a decade. The city of Rio de Janeiro alone receives about a million gay tourists a year.

One of the underlying assumptions behind the global movement to abolish prostitution also called the anti-sex trafficking movement is that having sex for money is inherently exploitative work: